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Branded and Unbranded Videos for MLS and Social Media.  Pete Salter is Chuck Holden Photography's Drone and Video Export.  Check out his samples on youtube.

All photos are delivered via                                 (or by email if necessary) preformatted for crisp viewing on mls.  High resloution images are an additional $10.


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Tutorials and Info | Tips from a pro.

Getting Your Home Ready:   There are a lot of details that need to be taken care of the day of the shoot.  To make your listing stand out from the others please go through this checklist to prepare your home for the shoot.


Chuck Holden Shoots Featured in Magazine Write Ups:

  • "Picture Perfect" - Check out Chucks article on his photography process and why he loves shooting homes in the Columbia, Lake Murray Area.
  • "Home Guide" - Chuck's photos have been featured multiple times on the front of home buying magazines.  Check out this cover!


Dropbox:  I deliver all of my photos through                             .    Please click on their logo for a tour of this amazingly simple file delivery system.

803.600.3531    choldenphotos@gmail.com

Tutorials and Info | Tips from a pro.

Tutorials and Info | Tips from a pro.
Tutorials and Info | Tips from a pro.

Tutorials and Info | Tips from a pro.